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About the Show

Party of One is an Actual Play RPG podcast exploring the world of 2-player RPGs. Every week, GM Jeff Stormer sits down with a guest 1-on-1 and plays through a short, intense, exciting roleplaying game--both to showcase the wide world of games designed for two players, and to explore what happens when we play our favorite games with a party of one.



About the Host

Jeff Stormer has been playing RPGs for far too long 20+ years, ever since his brothers unearthed a copy of Middle Earth Roleplaying from a yard sale in rural Oklahoma. He hopes that one day soon, he'll have immersed enough gaming experience be able to grok Middle Earth Roleplaying. When not podcasting or playing RPGs, he lives in Philadelphia with his wife, and his cat, who is an asshole. He enjoys watching pro wrestling, drinking craft beer, and making mixtapes, and quoting the Simpsons.