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May 24, 2016

So you sold your soul to the Devil--now what? That's the question Dylan Appleby asks himself every morning. A cushy consulting gig, talking hamster friend, TJ Maxx Maxx Collection suits, Raylex watches... was it worth it, living with a devil's bargain looming over his head? Some days, he can put it out of his mind....

May 17, 2016

When you need someone rescued from dire circumstances. When otherworldly terrors impose their will on your world. When you need someone to fight back against injustice and wrongdoing. And when you can afford the payment of one horse. Perhaps you can hire the man called Lothorp.


May 10, 2016

EARTH STANDS AT THE PRECIPICE OF CRISIS. An invading alien armada sits in orbit, waiting to demolish our world. The sum total of our military strength stands powerless in the face of a cosmic leviathan. But in the darkness, there is hope. An opportunity presents itself, a longshot chance at survival. But with...

May 3, 2016

This was supposed to be an ordinary urban exploration. Greg planned on everything--he brought food, lights, his GoPro, everything. There's only one thing he didn't plan on: MURDEROUS GHOSTS. Can he escape a haunted factory without facing his worst fears and being consumed? Only time will tell.