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Jan 27, 2016

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PODCAST IS DESIGNATED CLEARANCE LEVEL: RED. LISTENING AT CLEARANCE LEVEL: INFRARED IS CONSIDERED TREASON. Hello Friend Citizen! Please review the following audio logfile, dictating the adventures of Troubleshooter SPRAYNE-R-DOS-1 as he valiantly embarks on a TOP SECRET MISSION for Friend Computer....

Jan 19, 2016

"FAITH IN THE VALLEY OF DARKNESS," Chapter One A dead dick. A synthetic snake. A missing syringe worth a black market fortune. Incompetent cops. Metalhead gun runners. Bumbling hotel clerks. Just another day in the cyber-wastes of the San Fernando Valley... and another day in the life of Faith, codename LAZARUS.


Jan 13, 2016

Jimmy Lee leads an ordinary, boring life. Ordinary, boring job. Ordinary, boring best friend. Ordinary, boring government agents trying to bring him in. Ordinary, boring superpowers. Wait... what were those last two? Uh-oh.

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Jan 5, 2016

Deep in the sewers of NYC, an ancient evil lurks--a powerful undead being, armed with centuries of accumulated politicial power and resources. But when the sins of his past come knocking, can even this evil overlord maneuver a way to come out on top?

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